Letting Every Child's Imagination Take Flight

Admissions open at Best International School in Mumbai

Letting Every Child's Imagination Take Flight

Admissions open at Best International School in Mumbai

The Best ICSE and Cambridge Schools in Mumbai

Welcome to Witty, where excellence meets education across our four campuses in Mumbai. As the best K-12 International School, we prioritise nurturing curiosity and empowering students with skills and ethical strength to create positive impacts. Offering ICSE, IGCSE and early education, our campuses have served the community since 2001. With experienced educators and innovative teaching methods, we prepare students for 21st-century challenges and global citizenship. 

Witty Kids, our preschool division, established in 2018 and 2019, redefines early education with joyful, stress-free learning, ensuring every child’s journey is guided by ‘Witty,’ our friendly mascot fostering exploration and understanding. 

Join us in shaping the leaders of tomorrow in an environment that feels like a second home.

Why Choose Us

For the last 20 years, our international schools have been delivering the highest quality of education in a unique way.

We prioritise personalised attention, equal opportunities, academic support and career guidance while fostering students’ exploration of their talents through various avenues.

We offer global exposure initiatives, enhancing students’ education with a wide range of cultural insights and experiences. By engaging in international collaborations, exchange programmes and global competitions, students expand their perspectives, encourage cross-cultural appreciation and equip themselves for achievement in a globally interconnected society.

We provide extensive career counselling and guidance programmes aimed at assisting students in making well-informed decisions regarding their future endeavours. These initiatives encompass personalised assessments, exploration of a wide range of career possibilities and support in navigating academic and extracurricular pursuits.

We cultivate an environment conducive to nurturing innovative and creative skill development through dynamic programs and activities. Students are inspired to engage in critical thinking, tackle problems with creativity and express themselves artistically, creating a culture that values innovation and creativity.

At Witty Schools, we incorporate smart-tech-enabled learning tools and platforms to enrich the educational journey. This encompasses interactive digital resources, online collaboration platforms and adaptive learning technologies, all aimed at promoting personalised and efficient learning experiences for students.

Equal emphasis on academics and co-curricular activities, helps our students develop intellectual, social and life skills. Our student clubs are a hub of activity that brings out the best in them.

Our Cambridge and CBSE-certified faculty, with years of experience, is dedicated and committed to student success. They are approachable and provide the right support to students.

The student’s safety is important to us. A range of tools such as CCTV cameras are used to make them feel safe within the campus.


At Witty your child gets to experience the epitome of international education at the best school in Mumbai, renowned for excellence in the Cambridge and ICSE curricula. Our custom-designed syllabi ensure a holistic learning journey, empowering students with the knowledge and skills vital for future success. With certified educators and personalised pedagogy, including experiential learning, we cultivate essential skills and values for lifelong achievement.

Witty Mumbai Campuses

Member of the GSG

The Global Schools Group (GSG) is an initiative of the Global Schools Foundation, founded in Singapore in 2002. It brings together renowned international school brands, acknowledged for academic brilliance and holistic student growth, fostering a diverse community of students from 70+ nationalities. With over 500 prestigious awards, GSG stands as the world’s most celebrated network.











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