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A Dynamic Educational Journey Embracing Holistic Learning

Explore Cambridge Curriculum

A Dynamic Educational Journey Embracing Holistic Learning

Cambridge Curriculum

Cambridge International Curriculum, a widely sought international qualification, nurtures confident, responsible and innovative students. It fosters broad knowledge and skills through learner-centered approaches.

Encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving, it prepares students for advanced study, promoting an international outlook and active classroom participation. Our pedagogy empowers students to excel academically and develop essential life skills.

Benefits of Choosing Cambridge

Choosing the Cambridge curriculum offers various benefits:

Global Recognition

Comprehensive Learning

Preparation for Higher Education

Flexibility and Choice

Holistic Development

Innovation and Creativity

Active Classroom Participation

Range of Subjects

Grade structure

The Cambridge curriculum spans from primary to secondary education, comprising various stages leading to the IGCSE examinations.

Primary: (5 – 11 years)
Lower Secondary: (11 – 14 years)
Upper Secondary: (14 – 16 years)

The progression offers a comprehensive foundation, preparing students with essential skills and knowledge for further education or the workforce.

Subjects Offered

*Note: Students must have a minimum of 7 subjects.

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The Cambridge curriculum is an internationally recognised programme developed by the University of Cambridge, offering a broad and balanced education for students aged 5-19.

It provides a holistic education fostering critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving skills, preparing students for global challenges.

The Cambridge curriculum is offered from primary grades (Grade 1) through to secondary and senior secondary levels (Grade 12).

Yes, Cambridge qualifications, such as IGCSE and A Levels, are widely accepted by universities, employers and educational institutions worldwide.

Our school employs certified Cambridge educators who undergo continuous training and follow prescribed guidelines to deliver a high-quality curriculum.

Yes, extracurricular activities are an integral part of our educational approach, complementing the academic curriculum to ensure a well-rounded development.

Yes, the curriculum integrates technology and digital resources, enhancing the learning experience and preparing students for the digital age.

Yes, the skills and knowledge gained from the Cambridge curriculum allow for smooth transitions to various educational systems worldwide.

Assessments involve a mix of written exams, practicals and coursework, evaluating students’ understanding and application of knowledge.

Yes, parents are encouraged to engage in their child’s education through regular updates, meetings and involvement in school activities to support the learning process.