Explore a World of Excitement in Extra Curricular Activities at Witty!

Explore a World of Excitement in Extra Curricular Activities at Witty!

We are committed to excellence and holistic education and offer a diverse array of extra-curricular activities to enrich students’ experiences. Our dedicated teachers and premium infrastructure create an environment where students thrive, inspiring a love for learning.



A dynamic outdoor area designed for recreational activities and physical exercise.

Multiactivity Studio

A versatile space for a range of activities, promoting diverse interests and skills.

Outdoor Area

 A tranquil outdoor space providing a natural environment for relaxation and socialisation.

Splash Pool and Play Zone Area

Providing a refreshing and fun space for recreational activities and play.

Synergy - Indoor Sports Arena

Cutting-edge indoor facilities for various sports, ensuring all-around physical development.

Colorama - Art and Craft Room

Nurturing creativity through artistic expression in a dedicated art and craft space.

Soft Gym

An area focusing on physical well-being and fitness, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Football Turf

State-of-the-art facilities for football enthusiasts, encouraging sportsmanship and teamwork.

Bistro - The Cafeteria

A place for students to relax, socialise and enjoy nutritious meals in a vibrant setting.

How Witty Uses These Activities to Provide Holistic Learning

Our extra-curricular activities are seamlessly integrated into our curriculum, creating a holistic learning experience. Our indoor sports arena instils discipline and teamwork.

The arts and crafts room stimulates creativity, while the cafeteria serves as a hub for social interaction. The multiactivity studio and outdoor areas provide platforms for diverse talents to flourish.


Witty provides a diverse range of activities, including sports, arts, music, dance and enrichment programmes.

Witty boasts international-standard facilities for basketball, football, cricket and more, ensuring ample opportunities for sports excellence.

Yes, Colorama, the Art and Craft Room and the Dance and Music Studios offer platforms for students to explore and excel in artistic endeavours.

Co-curricular activities cover a broad spectrum, from sports and arts to the Student Motivation Programme, emphasising character development and life skills.

Yes, Synergy, the Indoor Sports Arena, provides a dedicated space for various indoor sports activities, contributing to the overall development of students.